Sunday, January 12, 2014

Public Targeted with Military "Gay Bomb" Technology (+playlist)

Thanks For The Softness- It Is RECEPTIVE- However I Deal With The Parents- MAny Thousand, Who Have Adverse Side Effect That Either KILL, Or Cause Serious damage To Their Children, With Vaccines, Drugs, And Chemo And We Know There Are Better Alternatives. That Is All I Am Saying- I Am Speaking To A LARGER Audience Of People WHO DO KNOW WHat Is Going On...There Are Some That Are Still Awake And Know What Is Going On...I Can Share With You MANY Hundreds Just Right Now- That Have Issues Due ONLY TO DOCTORS Malpractice...They Officially KILL MORE THAN THEY SAVE...PLain And Simple. And I Am Here To Teach That If You Worship MAN MADE Synthetics -Drugs- YOU ARE NOT WORSHIPING God Who Gave Us EVERYTHING We Need In Nature...God Is Nature And We Are Nature...We Are At Disconnect if We Ignore The VERY NATURE GOD INTENDED And CREATED For Us. Otherwise You Are Lukewarm And You Worship Satan- Through Drugs- There IS NOTHING YOU CANNOT CURE IN NATURE (Unless Genetic Displacency) And DRUGS ONLY TREAT AND HAVE NEVER CURED A SINGLE PERSON...With All Due Respect. Sir

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