Sunday, April 6, 2014


 For whoever wants to listen... I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2007. It had spread to my lymphnodes as well..I was told I needed a double mastectomy chemo radiation and drug therapy. I was told that if I did not do this that I would die. I asked if I could have a lumpectomy done instead of a mastectomy and they told me if I did a lumpectomy then I would have to follow up with chemo and radiation and 10 years on drug therapy. At that point I just told them yes even though I knew I was not going to do it. Looking back I wished I would have never had the lumpectomy done either. This may will be 7 years since I was diagnosed. I have had several doctors over the years still tell me that I am going to die! Well I am still here and I have never done chemo or radiation. I try to eat as healthy as I can with what I can afford and I also have taken the Moringa oil, seeds and tea. I also take other supplements to balance my body out. I think every person makes their own decision for what they want to do. I chose to go the healthy way and I do not regret it to this day. But I can tell you one thing... I have seen, watched and heard of many people dying from chemo since I was diagnosed in 2007. Chemo never cured anyone. If you happen to be the lucky two or three percent that survives the chemo then I would just call that sheer luck. Each of us have choices to make but keep in mind our choices have consequences.  

Yvette Harmon Ruiz 
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