Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1) Moringa Man Shows You The Best Cure For Cancer According To Body Chem...

Thanks Chris And Your Insights Are Very Valued, You Bring Great Points Up,...Keep In Mind Though, MORINGA Does Not Stop There At The Wheatgrass Illustration...You Ever Heard Of LIVE ECGC? This Is What Is The Cancer Killer And The Cell Reboot-Rebooster.
 I like to look at cancer infected cells of the human body. Look at how the tissue damage looks. You will find that cancer infected tissue is really just a bad ass typical normal infection you would see anywhere in the body. What actually occurs is as you would see in any infection it gets better or gets worse. Cancer is when "you don't get better" and continue to get more and more sick as the infection exceeds the potential of the immune system. So once cancer has begun it can never be beaten without boosting the immune system. As we know the immune system contains important cellular aid of macrophages, phagocytes all contained within the white blood cell. Then we need to ask do all white blood cells contain these aid at sufficient quantity? Simply put is not when you have full blown cancer. These #1 important processes must occur for any mammal to persist life. To maintain the optimum immune system power balance, and efficiency you must understand what aids the expression of macrophages and phagocytes? The answer is hormones secretions from glands all over the body. Each gland if it's the liver, testes, ovaries, or brain secretes hormones in sufficient quantities to saturate the blood and the cellular tissue (brain, or reproductive organs). These so-called basic lightly understood hormones secreted from the reproductive organs are what aid in macrophage and phagocytes expression. Again these are what is needed to take a cancer cell by the collar and to be thrown around like a rag doll until it is simply eaten, Where the process of phagocytosis occurs. So Chlorophyll will thin and cleanse the blood to supply clean blood to all organs it doesn't directly aid in the expression of macrophages, and phagocytes, which are required to consume cancer cells. Moringa is good stuff make Moringa coffee by filtering it through the coffee maker and it's good for your digestive system and blood and tastes very earthy. I like the stuff, had a pound of Moringa Powder for quite some time real good stuff very powerful herb. Please don't hesitate to purchase Plotts famous Moringa Powder.


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