Monday, November 18, 2013

The Perfectional Practice. The Future Of Medicine- MoringaSOP plottpalmt...

A Special Thank you to Facebook and the CIA for allowing me to share my story and posts. Eventually There will be peace on earth and than we can ease up on the fear and have FREEDOM for all. I know your doing your job for whatever reason. There is good and bad in all. Going forward for all, a new slate, in Return, I Grant You the Kingdom of Heaven. 13 Love 
Going To Bed Tonight, To Dream Of That Free World We Talked About...Because It Never Has Existed.
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Belize Movie:

I Think I Practically Shared Everything That I Am About. I Mean I Have More In-depth Details, But If You Are Intrigued The Least Bit, Let Me Leave You With Some Links, That Will Prove That EVERYTHING I SAID HERE IN THIS LETTER IS 1000% TRUTH And I Would LOVE For Some Scientist, Doctor, Or Authority To Take Me On And Disprove Me, Because It Isn't Going To Happen. I Have A Plethora Of Videos I Have Made For You, To Better Get To Know Me. If You Have Any Questions Personally For Me About The Moringa Or How You To Can Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With RICH AND FERTILE Imaginations, Future, And Investment; Get With Me By Dropping Me An Email At I Am Still Attending Harvard. I Just Squeezed A Little Bit Of My Fast Paced Life, To Fill This Form Out And Get It Back To You. Just Before My Computer Science Exam. Geez, Enough About Me, Tell More About Yourself Will You? 

The Hardest Things To See Are Right In Front Of Your Eyes - Van Goethe.

~Eric Geoffrey Plott~
Owner CEO of PlottPalmTrees.Com
Harvard Medical Researcher/Detective
Member Of The International Palm Tree Society- Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society- 3.8 GPA - Repower America. - Cured 4 Cancer Victims- Many More Diabetics On Record With One Plant Alone. Also Cured Two young Children Of severe Blistering Incurable Skin Disease- With Picture Proof & Case Study. 
* My Resume Is Online

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