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ORGANIC MORINGA TEA- No GMO's OR MSG A Great Price & Overview HERE July ...



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Moringa, is a green "superfood"

Moringa compared to foods high in nutrients.
*Vitamin A (3X more than Carrots)
Vit B1 (4X more than Pork)
Vit B2 (50X more than Sardine)
Vit B3 (50X more than Peanuts)
*Vit C (6X more than Oranges)
*Vit E (4X more than Corn Oil)
Calcium (17X more than Milk)
Iron (30X more than Spinach)
Zinc (6X more than Almonds)
Potassium (3X more than Bananas)
Dietary Fiber (5X more than Common Vegetables)
Amino Acid (6X more than Garlic)
GABA (100X more than Brown Rice)
Poly Phenol (2X more than Red Wine).

And The Most Anti-Oxidant Rich Plant As Well.

According To The National Institutes Of Health

Product Reviews
Moringa is good for cooking too 
Posted by Rosalina V. Samson on May 5th 2013

First time I heard of moringa I didn't know what that is. I had seen it somewhere but I cannot recall. There was a Filipino store in Quincy Massachusetts that we go and I was at the vegetable frozen section and was browsing when I saw the word "MORINGA". We use that Moringa or Malunggay for cooking. we use it for cooking mung beans, boil the mung beans first until it is cook then saute' it with garlic, tomatoes, and onion, stir the the mung beans in season it with salt or fish sauce let it boil and simmer for few minutes (Idon't count how many minutes) then add the moringa leaves to the cooked mung beans. It is very delicious to us it depends how much you will like this Filipino dish, but you can try it. I used to climbed this Moringa tree when I was little, and they used these leaves to bathe the mother's that just had their babies. These are things that I remembered growing up about the Moringa or the Malunggay tree in the Philippines.

Great product 
Posted by james on Apr 13th 2013

This is a top notch product.Will order again.Thanks

Convienent way to get your daily intake of moringa!!! 
Posted by Hud313 on Mar 29th 2013

Tasty, smooth, potent way to get your morning or noon moringa! Easy to make. Pleasant taste. I always add a touch of agave nectar to sweeten. Excellent product!!!

Splendid Tea ! 
Posted by Mel Z on Mar 9th 2013 
Well I have to let EVERYONE know that Moringa Tea has CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I took Juice Plus for 8 months and Drank MORINGA TEA for THREE DAYS!!! and noticed that Juice Plus was nothing compared to MORINGA!!! My neighbor who is a Nutritionists saw my Horrendous Fungus Infected Feet that I have had for years, though not completely healed, she said Moringa looks like it is working and even advised me to put a hold on my Candida Cleanse that I will not need now!!! It saved my toes and LIFE!!! My ENERGY is OFF THE CHARTS NOW!!! I can drink Moringa Tea in the Morning and Fast with ease all day long as long as I am away from food and staying busy. I bet Athletes would benefit GREATLY from it!! I could write a book about it!!! OOPS!!! I already did. lol Buy and Try this TEA!!! You will be GLAD that you did!!! Thank you Eric Plott!! You are VIP in my book! 
To sum up, here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking moringa tea is reputed to be helpful:
cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cariovascular disease, , infection, impaired immune function

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