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How ACETOGENIN Extracts from Guyabano Kill Cancer Cells? Soursop- PLUS How Moringa Builds Immune System Up- GO RIGHT IN THE ALBUM...Or Go Left To Read My Testimonials On A More Personal And Business Level...Don't Be Scared...Take The Time

  I Am REALLY Hopefully of your situation and careful with what I say as well. I want To say that this will be the very last thing you need to take to correct everything in your life...But I am not able to do such a thing. I Know that it would be EXTREMELY beneficial for you in all optimum senses of health and nutrition to how the body works. That Is all I can do, this will last you a very long time. You can expect that you will see results. Will it cure you 100%, That is more up to you, than it is me. I am here rooting for you Sir, Try it and see what happens. If you see results, but are not completely finished with the race, do what you have to do, to finish this race. You are almost there... Your Best Days Are Ahead And They Are Waving Back At You With A Giant Grin... Wonder What That Could Mean...

So, this is what the Box would contain:
You End Up With 100x MoringaSOP Caps And
 100x MoringaSOP caps
2 Cans Of Soursop Juice
 2 Pouches Of The VitaPlus Soursop Mangosteen-
 Aloe Vera- Nopal Cactus 360 Moringasop Teabags =249.95

 (Roots Seeds, Leaf, Drumstick, Flowers- ALL CRUSHED TOGETHER!)] = 99.95

A Sample Bar Of Moringa Miracle Soap For Cleansing The Toxins Off Your Body
 -A Bottle Of Sampled Guanabana Liquid Drink.
-Sample Of Moringa Oil
- 25 Moringa Seeds (You Can Eat 3 A Day To Improve Alkalinity And Reverse HIV as Well.)
 -Few Soursop Seeds (Intended For Growing, More Research On The Consumption Of These Seeds, Some Have Seen Results Consuming Them, But I DO NOT ADVISE IT YET)

 200x Dried Soursop Leaves For Heavy Tea Dosage- JUST THE SOURSOP ALONE *There Is Still About A 149.95 MINUS Adjustment

- I Will Just Have To Reduce The Quantity Of Certain Things To Make It All Fit Is All.
 So This Works Out Best For Both Of Us. There Will Still Be PLENTY Of Product In This Box. You Would Be Getting The FULL MORINGASOP BOX, But Just Subbing In Some-stuff For The 360x MoringaSOP teabags. Which is still is a great way to do it, you get what you really want, instead of what is just presented to you. I Hope this all works, I really have alot of faith in this plant and I am putting just as much faith and prayer of thought into your recovery Randy. I know if I can change myself...then the entire WORLD can change as well. You are the world, what will you change today?

The Grand Total with shipping on the MoringaSOP Box is 507.95 PS: Let Me Know If There NEEDS To Be ANY Readjusting. I Want To Make Sure I Satisfy You On All Angles - You Are Very Important To Me. Eric Plott *USUALLY TAKES 3-5 Business Days- Give Carrier Up To A Week Otherwise. Thanks- Priority Mailing. ________________________________

There are different plans that I usually walk people through, because everyone Is different I have a variation of soursop products mixed in with the moringa products...that equates to over 500 dollars...that was what you got,
I understand it may not seem like much, but it is very powerful and I goes along way

 1) MORINGASOP paradox - 499.95
2) 10 pounds of moringa 100% leaf powder-349.95
 3) 10 pounds of moringa complex powder
( leaves, stems, blossoms, seeds, and drumsticks) -449.95

4) 10 pounds MORINGASOP powder only 549.95 The small stuff are each very pricey though. And potent. I understand while Divvying it up between many people it is difficult. But try to eat an entire pound of fresh MORINGA I dare you. Lol. What I am saying here is a little MORINGA goes a long way and same with the soursop The soursop in fresh non sprayed form is actually More valuable than MORINGA. The extract drops go for 49 dollars

 (*Almost ALL SOURSOP Products At PlottPalmTrees.Com Start At 49.95) The drinks were samples. For instance:
•100x caps are 99.95 for MORINGA
 •100x caps of MORINGASOP are 129.95
 •100x soursop caps -129.95
 •MORINGASOP tea 30x - $29.95
 •- 25 Moringa Seeds
(You Can Eat 3 A Day To Improve Alkalinity And Reverse HIV as Well.). -15.99 and

• 1000x seeds -139.95 The SWEET N Special MORINGASOP sachet drink pack
 •3 boxes = 399.95 -
 •6 boxes 599.95.
• 10 boxes -699.95.
• 12 boxes 749.95. (Will cure can any kind of cancer. Like no ones business )

 The value of you box was actually over 590 due to the complex blend

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