Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Best Speech Ever - Eric Plott - PLOTTPALMTREES.COM (+playlist) Me, I BELIEVE That Being Brutally Honest- Is A Start- You Must Be...I Know It Is NOT Politically Correct And People Find You VERY OFFENSIVE...But I Have Seen The most Hardcore Meat-eaters- THINK < About What You Say, When You Tell Them The HONEST TRUTH...Be Real With Them, They Will Be FORCED To Think About It And Their Every Movement And CHOICE< Will Have A Consequence Or A Benefit...There Is Actually NO One Way Or The Other...This Might Be The Same Reason People Don't Believe In GOD...They Don't Want To Believe Their Is Also A Devil...But If Those Two Are TRUE...And They Exist...Then There Is NO MIDDLE GROUND...Well, The Same Goes With Diet. Either You Are Healthy Or You Are Not...And Eating Meat, Dairy, And Eggs...Will Quite Frankly NEVER Be A Healthy Choice...I Don't Care How Organic, Free Range, Or Grass Fed It Is...There Is Just NO Two Ways About It...You MUST BE VOCIFEROUS And People Will Think...Remember The Water We Drink(ed) Makes You Docile...You Must Get In Their FACE AND BE RAW With Them ( you are eating A Raw Diet After all)..You Are Speaking To Someone Who Gets 1-10 People To Go Vegan Everyday...I Do This, Because I Don't Lie To The People...I Present Facts And I Don't Stutter. It Makes You Think...Mentally Stimulate A Person To Think And Then They Can Think For Themselves...Do I Want Pill 1 Or Pill 2...Do I Want To Live Longer (Longevity) Or Do I Want To Enjoy Life (vitality)...You Can Have Both...It Starts With Drinking The Correct Water, Just As Much As Not Eating MEAT DAIRY AND EGGS... What Do you Think About This Man? CLICK HERE TO WATCH "The Best Speech Ever" - This Man Is On The News In Israel, They Are Saying He Is The First Man To Talk An Entire Nation Into Veganism (Israel)...It Has Started Quite A Controversy, Because People Who Watch It By The Millions Are Converting To Veganism ...He Happens To Be A Friend Of Mine.. Gary Yourofsky

#Go To Gary's Website And See How He Was On The News For This...They Are Calling Him The Messiah - lol!

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