Saturday, November 16, 2013

40 pounds of moringa shipped out PlottPalmTrees.Com (+playlist)

I Am Doing Great! I Am Very Proud To Be Selling The Best Moringa Product Out Today...Simply Because We Blend All The Other Parts Of The Miracle Tree Together, So That They Will Offer Unique Benefits To The Human Body...Then On Top Of That, We Demand THE FRESHEST MOST PURE AND ORGANIC POWDER OUT! See It Is Easy To Beat Our Competition, Because When They Cap Their Moringa And Mass Produce It; Bulk Them Up On Shelves To Collect Dust, Under Many Giant Florescent Light Bulbs, What Happens Is THE ENZYMES And Many Nutrients DIE Almost Immediately As The Moringa Itself Dries Up And Is No Longer Beneficial...THIS CAN'T HAPPEN WITH OUR MORINGA As It Is Sealed In Bags AND WE TELL YOU TO KEEP FRESH BY KEEPING OUT OF LIGHT!...WE USE NO BLANCHING, Which Is A Process Most ALL VITAMIN BUSINESS Use. Blanching Is The Process Of PRESERVING VITAMINS By Means Of CHEMICAL ADDITIVES! These Chemicals Actually In Long KILL THE NUTRIENTS IN THE PLANT! So It Defeats The Purpose. Finally, GMO And MSG Has Been Known To Be Also ADDED TO MANY MORINGA PRODUCTS WHICH IS NOT ONLY NON-NUTRITIONAL, BUT ALSO HIGHLY TOXIC AND EVEN DEADLY; Known Fact!...REMEMBER EVERYTHING AT TROPICAL MISSOURI RANCH IS 100% ORGANIC AND EVEN OUR WATER FILTER SYSTEM IS FLUORIDE-FREE & CHLORINE FREE COMPLETELY! We Have Pure Water, Which Makes For PURE MORINGA!...NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS EVEN TOUCH OUR RANCH...And This Is How I Feel Today,..I Feel Honored And Proud That I Am Able To Offer A Product That Is Known To CURE AND PREVENT OVER 300 DIFFERENT DISEASES, Cancer, And Diabetes. I Feel Pleasured To Offer The Public Information That I Have Scrupulously Studied And Even Conducted REAL HARVARD MEDICAL RESEARCH ON! I Will Even Show You Live Experiments As I Break The News And True Stories Behind The Facts That YOU ARE BEING BLOCKED FROM...There Is A War On Your Mind And The Media DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS PLANT; Neither Does The Medical Institution. Ask Me Questions about It- I ONLY EMAIL -

As Well, If You Can PRESENT TO ME A COPY OF YOUR MRI; I WILL GLADLY MAIL YOU THE 100% SAFE CURE FOR FREE- All I Ask Is Permission To Use Your Recovery Testimony As A Cohort Human Experiment Free Of Charge With A Written Consent. The Treatment I Offer Is 100% SAFE AND ALL-NATURAL! It Is Safe To Consume With CHEMO-RADIATION OR DRUGS/VACCINES.

And With My Many Efforts To Present This Information Publicly, I Come To You As A Honest Patron To Aid And Fight For Upholding The Truth Of Aiding & treating All Illnesses As Best I Can With Knowledge Granted To My Mature Development Therein. That All The Information I Have Studied, Evaluated, And Tested Is Legit And Valid; As Ready To Use For Those Open And Willing To Give Real Natural Health A Try. There Is No Plant On This Planet Or Animal In The Kingdom That COMES CLOSE TO THE NUTRITIONAL CONTENT OF THIS PLANT. There Is Nothing That Contains MORE ANTI-Oxidants Than This ONE PLANT ALONE...I Give You The "Perfectional Plant; The Most Nutritional Tree On This Planet"
Please Watch My Video To Learn More About It, Before You Make That Step. Aren't You Tired Of The Doctors Killing You Yet? Aren't You Ready To Try Something You Deserve? Something Better?

"Let Thy FOOD Be Thy Medicine" - Hypocrites 


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